Finding your TRUE SELF through the use of FLOWER ESSENCES.

Who are you? Do you really know? Most of us think we are our Mind as it sends messages to us thereby creating emotional havoc and false mental beliefs. Once emotional trauma has been released and the mental programmes dissolved the TRUE SELF can be revealed in all of its glory. Flowers were put on this Earth in order to help us heal. For every pain there is an antidote. If we listen to our SOUL it will tell us which Flowers we need. I use applied Kinesiology also called muscle testing as a method for receiving answers.

Strip away who you thought you were and find your true connection to who you really are.

Everything is made up of energy and vibration. Each FLOWER has a message for us. Each one has been specifically designed to help Humanity to return to its SOUL SELF rather than the MIND SELF that is just programmes that cover up the TRUE SELF.

As you strip away who you are NOT you find who you truly are!

If you want help in any areas of your Life I can use the Flowers to remove blockages.

You can contact me if you are interested in learning how to heal yourself and become your own therapist.