How to discover your true purpose in LIFE!

Many of us are asking questions like;

Why am I here? Why is this happening to me?

Yet where do you look for the answers?

Within this system of Numerology lie the secret meanings of your life.

Encoded in your birth name are answers as to why you were born. You can find out which talents you have been given and what challenges you have chosen to overcome. This information enables you to take stock of your life and view it from a more enlightened perspective.

In choosing a name the soul will choose the frequencies that will create the

SOUL CONTRACT it wants to experience in this lifetime.

There are 22 numbers each one a picture of a unique pattern of consciousness. Every picture tells a story.

As individuals we chose 7 sets of numbers/vibrations that we have come here to work with. Each number denotes a different energetic pattern. These numbers are placed around the Star of David and depending on their position a different emphasis is derived.